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The Cooperation area is integrated for:

       Undersecretary: Dra. Susana Vidales
       Head of Department .: Téc. Fernanda Cané

                                   Jesica Najles
                                   Lic. Alejandra Hernández


The Universidad Nacional de Luján has adopted international co-operation as one of its main policies, involving all the academic strategies.

This very particular interest in the international dimension is carried out through programmes geared to strengthen academic activities within international teaching and research networks, the mobility of students and professors, joint publications, the participation in international forums and co-operation initiatives developed with renowned academic institutions.

The intense process of internationalisation that is shaping the world today leads to the fact that higher education and scientific research are not possible unless carried out within a framework of co-operation.

The University regularly participates in student mobility programmes valuing both the intercultural dimension and the enrichment of our students’ training, preparing them for a labor world marked by deep economic, social and political changes, within a context in which the new information and communication technologies have burst.

The strengthening of co-operation links between our professors-researchers and foreign university research teams has consolidated during the last few years as one of the most noticeable expressions of the internationalisation strategies. Thus, we are part of important international research networks and we participate in international joint co-operation programmes.

At present, work is focused on the incorporation of intercultural international variables to our academic strategies, as well as to the University’s teaching and research programmes.



Cooperation is the area that manages, among other things, the mobilities among undergraduates at the University of Luján , for which:

  • Receive notices informed by national and international institutions and disseminates
  • Establish links for creating the necessary agreements to permit the mobilities
  • Make agreements with the Universities Join advises and collaborates with students arriving by different programs and agreements Advisory teachers for submitting projects under programs SPU (Secretariat of University Policies ) Performs outreach activities : briefings , exhibitions , publications , participate in conferences, seminars, manages the corporate website to keep it current make training courses

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